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1994 – LA Gear Tech Light Up Sneakers – Banned By The NBA Commercial



  1. If this commercial seems desperate, it's due to the brand slowly dying and eventually filing for bankruptcy in 1998. For this ad LA Gear took a page out of Nike's book of advertising Air Jordan sneakers as being banned by the NBA in 1985. https://youtu.be/zkXkrSLe-nQ
    Which turns out wasn't entirely true; the NBA banned a custom pair of shoes made for Jordan called Air Ships which didn't conform to official dress code. Source on that: https://solecollector.com/news/2017/10/the-true-story-behind-the-banned-air-jordan
    But now I'm just left thinking, "What if LA Gear wasn't banned?" Through escalating one-upmanship we'd could have ended up at athletes covered in flashing lights.


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