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Booker expresses frustration over Suns form – VeloxSports TV


Devin Booker disagrees to come to terms with the Phoenix Suns’ poor start to the 2018/19 NBA season

Meanwhile, the basketball star has been a workhorse for the Suns and that is the case despite their poor start.

Booker has on his own part been averaging a team-high of 24.9 points per game in 34.9 minutes.

He also helped a great deal to cement Phoenix’s first victory since its season opener.

And that was against the Los Angeles Lakers on buzzer-beater Sunday versus the Grizzles.

But suffered a few “embarrassment” when the Suns picked up a blow out, 104-82 at the hands of the Nets.

The defeat also came on the team’s home court at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

And that was where a whole lot of totally unhappy supporters made a decision to boo the Suns off the court.

“I feel that we did not protect home court” – Booker

“It sucks, man,” Booker told reporters, via ESPN.

“We thought last game would be our step forward but we definitely took a step back tonight.

“I feel that we did not protect home court.

“We came in here and picked up a blow out right in front of our fans, that is highly embarrassing.”

One of the major reasons for the disgraceful home loss, Booker cites is a lack of team chemistry.

Behind first-year chief coach, Igor Kokoskov, the Suns have so far lost by 18 points or more six times.

And that is in their opening ten matches of the 2018/19 NBA season.

“I think that all good teams have that trust and chemistry.

“That is where they are able to get on each other and know that itis for a better purpose.” Booker said.

“For us, I do not think we have that right now, though and we are not comfortable with each other.

“We do not step on each other’s toes and we also do not just push each other strong enough.

“And I think that exactly is what we need to do,” he summed up.


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