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Brees heads 32-man list for fifth annual Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award – VeloxSports TV


Drew Brees passes Peyton Manning’s record as New Orleans Saints beat Washington Redskins

Drew Brees reportedly heads a 32-man list for the fifth annual Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award, the NFL confirmed on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the player has actually been making his case as the league’s best player this season.

And on the other hand, a whole lot of pundits and followers alike regard him as one of the classiest.

The award goes every year to a player who best demonstrates the qualities of on-field sportsmanship, including fair play.

And also respect for the game and opponents and integrity in competition.

That is with the winner picking up a $25,000 donation from the NFL Foundation to a charity of his choice.

The NFL will, however, prune the list down to eight and that will make four from each conference.

Brees smashes Manning NFL passing record

New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees has smashed the NFL passing record of Peyton Manning which had stood for long.

The Saints’ clash with Washington Redskins witnessed a temporary stoppage to celebrate quarterback, Brees breaking Manning’s career passing yards record.

Brees who is presently at the age of 39 actually required a total of 201 yards to overtake Manning (71,940).

And he went on to achieve that in the second quarter when he found Tre’Quan Smith for a 62-yard touchdown.

The game then had a very short stoppage in the wake of Brees also receiving the record-breaking ball.

“I will remember that one for a long time,” he said.

“It has truly been a dream come true and I can say that I am truly proud and very grateful.” The Saints quarterback enthused.

Brees tossed 363 yards in the 43-19 victory against the Redskins while extending his career yards total to 72,103 yards.

“I do not know if that will ever sink in,” Brees went on further.

“But I did not particularly set out on this journey to break these records.

“I just play because I love the game, I love to compete and I love being part of this organization.”


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