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Devils Trade Boyle to Nashville for a Draft Pick


The Preds pick up a solid player to add depth to their line up.

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  1. It’s wishful thinking but as a devs fan I’d love to see him come back in the near future. He seemed to have fit in really well in New Jersey. Best of luck in Nashville Boyle, I’ll be rooting for you all playoffs long.

  2. As a Devils fan I'm happy, since boyle came to NJD to help in playoff push and run, and that is not the aim anymore. And of course for him since Nashville is all heart like him and a better chance for him to see playoff ice.

  3. If you look on "the paper", Nashville in my opinion has the 2nd best team in the entire league. Only beaten by Tampa. And Preds goalie tandem is prob. the best in the league.

  4. I'm a Devils fan and I'm sad because he's one of my favorite players, but happy because the Devils get a 2nd round pick (more value than I originally thought) and I get to know who to root for in the playoffs. The fact that there's a chance he comes back also makes me happy

  5. Caps being a top 3 contender after losing 7 of their last 8 is pretty funny, I don’t see how they more of a contender than San Jose or Calgary at all right now.

  6. Boyle's stood out since first time ever saw him play – w/ the NYRs. He was PKing, the PP guy was winding up from the point and from top of the circle, BB just charged the shooter, it threw him offguard, the shot ricocheted off Boyle's legging pads & out to the neutral zone.

    I remember thinking, "That guy's insane" & have been a fan ever since.

  7. Anybody else think a 2nd is too much? Felt like this deal could’ve been done for a like a fourth. Pretty sure Hoffman was traded to FLA for two 2nd rounders. Boyle will undoubtably help the preds, just seems like a lot for a fourth line center.

  8. Smart move by the Devils getting away from the slower type player he was. He wasn't fast enough to get on guys to lay a hit. As for what else he did with the Devils yes he inspired players and was a good leader and I will miss cheering, booing and laughing about BOYLE with my son who loved the guy. He was the guy who got my son to watch Devils games with me so I will miss him so much for that. Unlikely he comes back next year to the Devils but if he does I'd like it for only that last reason I mentioned. Best of luck to him with the rest of his career but I hope Nashville bows out in the first round so our pick is better. Oh and definitely now have one reason to watch the playoffs. Go Devils!

  9. This helps Nashville line up 6'6 Boyle vs 6'5 Lowry in Winnipeg. Huge pickup, this makes that series so bloody tight player vs player. I bet its gunna be the best series again this year.

  10. Nashville get a great leader and character for the team, two things that has proven to be useful in the playoffs.

    NJ get a chance to set themselves up with a possibly decent prospect. You’re right in saying that this is a good move for both, no doubt.


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