Home Highlights/TV How Bangladesh beating England changed cricket (25/25)

How Bangladesh beating England changed cricket (25/25)


Bangladesh beat England for the first time in test cricket

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  1. when we Bangladesh faces some cheating by ICC,,,it's hart us because our cricketer struggle very hard for every win,,,please stop it,,,this type of open cheating is very harmful to future cricket…ESPN we love you. please take strong step to stop the cheating with weak team…

  2. Out fast bowling is the problem where we are struggling still in test Cricket.
    It's our board which is seriously corrupted for which we are still struggling..You can see the Bpl production.
    Think about the Drs which they were producing for the first weeks of bpl.
    There you can find the narrowness of their thinking.

  3. England narrowly won in the first test with Gareth Batty and Ben Stokes being the difference between the sides. England, thinking of the upcoming tour against India, made a lot of changes for Dhaka. The England management were complacent and rightly paid the price.

  4. Nice series.
    One major moment that could have been influential but didn't (because it failed) was Nathan Astle's double hundred chasing a target of 550. The whole thing was absolutely outrageous. At one point NZ were getting 15 an over. This was well before the idea of T20 existed. They still needed 100 to win but it was a dependable last batting pair and the way Astle was going, it was only a question of 40 minutes. If accomplished, it would have been the greatest chase the world had ever seen.

    To this day the 4th innings remains unconquerable. You could have the greatest batting line-up in the world but if you're asked to chase more than 350, you'll struggle. Bowlers still hold all the cards in this scenario. I can remember a few great chases since then. WI and SA both chased 400+ targets against Australia. Neither were as dramatic or outrageous.

  5. I will say the team that changed cricket forever in Afghanistan.
    The rise was spectacular. Not experienced even 1/5th of Bangladesh, they gifted Rashid Khan, Hazratullah Zazai and many more. They are the one that you should covet about!

  6. It was nice but I fail to see how this changed cricket. Bangladesh is still struggling as a test nation, even losing to sides like Zimbabwe. I think there are many others that should have been mentioned. I feel Sachin's 200 in an ODI should have been mentioned. It really broke the ceiling on individual scores in ODI cricket because there had been no individual double hundreds in ODI's till then, and after that they just started piling up exponentially. There are many others as well.

  7. After the WC15 England went on to become one of the best limited over side. Reached 2016 WC final and almost grabbed it.
    Where is Bangladesh after winning the WC15 match against England now? Losing to Zimbabwe and Afghanistan at home
    how many years do they need to remove the tag 'minnow'?

  8. I have loved this entire series but I think there are still some moments that were left out and could have come in the place of some moments that were listed here which have made some impact but have not changed cricket per se like Day and night test.
    The moments that were left out were-
    Introduction of Power Play
    Introduction of white ball
    Or even the first odi double hundred

  9. Bangladesh are the team that deserve to win but always end up in heartbreak. They are real tigers and their passion is beyond measure. They fight like real tigers. Respect from Pakistan.

  10. I would say Bangladesh beating England in 2015 World Cup changed cricket.After beating England in the World Cup we reached the quarter finals and from then on we started to believe in our abilities.Now we believe that we can beat any team in the World in ODIs in any given day.Improvement has to be a made in Test & T20I but we are in the right track in ODI CRICKET.PLUS AFTER LOSING TO BANGLADESH,ENGLAND FINALLY TOOK ODI & T20I FORMAT SERIOUSLY.NOW THEY ARE THE NO.1 ODI RANKED TEAM IN THE WORLD & ONE OF THE TOP FAVOURITES FOR THE 2019 CWC.SO IT CHANGED CRICKET BECAUSE IT HAD IMPACT AMONG BOTH THE TEAMS

  11. I am a Bangladeshi and I do appreciate this, but the only time we have remotely "changed" cricket was in 2007 when we knocked India out of the World Cup (and also helped by Ireland knocking Pakistan out too) that had gigantic implications on the TV ratings in the subcontinent and thus forcing ICC never to have an exciting group format again because the money makers (India and Pakistan) cannot be risked getting knocked out early ever again.

    Plus India was sparked to move on from their legends, do a major overhaul of their team and cricketing culture, and become the behemoth they are now. And we also produced a solid generation of players through that 2007 World Cup which has made us one of the best ODI sides of the last decade. Shame that we never turned up in big tournaments as well as we'd have liked to, but Bangladesh has been a consistently excellent ODI side in the last decade and it all stemmed from that tournament. I wish someday in my lifetime we will win something noteworthy in cricket.


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