Home Highlights/TV How Murali finishing with 800 test wickets changed cricket (16/25)

How Murali finishing with 800 test wickets changed cricket (16/25)


A fairy-tale ending in Galle for one of the finest spinners ever to play cricket, Muttaih Muralitharan.

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  1. Murali certainly changed cricket. They literally changed the laws of the game to allow him to chuck the ball. As for 800 wickets, not that hard when the majority of them are against minnow sides.

  2. Even though iam Indian and a big big supporter of Indian cricket ,and I know he took his 800th . Deep inside it makes me tensed up to relive the moment when I was praying for him to pick one of the tailenders. Barring the controversy regarding his action which obviously gave him all the leverage to spin the ball that much more, he is the best offspiner the game has seen.

  3. The only thing that changed was the rules by ICC for bowling actions because they were spineless when many umpires started calling him for chucking and wanted to cater for him and many others in the future like we see today.

  4. I think Martin Crowe asking spinner to open bowling or sending greatbatch to open the innings should be considered in the list.

    Coming to murli..i guess his no ball incident had more impact on cricket than his 800 wickets. Though I agree it's not an easy task to reach 800 test wickets. If someone breaks this record that would definitely change cricket.

  5. Definitely a marvellous career of a legendary bowler with an astonishing record. But how did his 800 wickets changed cricket?
    Surely a moment to remember but nothing of those sort that changed how cricket is played.


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