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Kershaw expresses joy over new three-year Dodgers extension – VeloxSports TV


Clayton Kershaw is ready to prove people wrong with his new deal at the Los Angeles Dodgers

LA Dodgers had to get Kershaw’s extension quickly in place in a very strong effort to solidify their pitching rotation.

Kershaw and the Dodgers have agreed a deal, keeping the greatest pitcher of his generation from venturing into the free-agent market.

The Dodgers on their own part have even made a formal confirmation of the contract and that was on Friday.

Reports have hinted that the deal will fetch Kershaw an amount which is in the region of $93 million.

A source has also informed ESPN that the fresh contract includes incentives which has it’s basis on workload and performance.

Kershaw reportedly will also pocket $4million yearly in bonuses on starts, in four $1million increments together with other numerous incentives.

It replaces the two years and $65million remaining on the seven-year, $215million extension Kershaw decided to ink in January, 2014.

“Honestly, I wanted to stay here,” Kershaw said.

“Financial, everything aside, it was more valuable to me to stay here and I am glad we got that done.

“I talked a lot with Ellen (his wife), my kiddos love it here and Ellen loves it very much here.

“And I love the team here, there’s not many opportunities that meet all the criteria that Ellen and I want.

“Myself, personally, a chance to win every single year, it does not come around like this in L.A. very often.

“We just decided that it was a better option to try to work it out here than doing anything else.”

“It gives me chance to prove a lot of people wrong” – Kershaw

Kershaw who clocked 30 in March said staying put with the Dodgers also affords him a great opportunity.

And that is to answer some of his critics who have said he isn’t as dominant as he was before.

“It gives me a chance to prove a lot of people wrong,” he said.

“I think this year especially, maybe rightfully so, there’s been a lot of people talking.

“They have been saying that I’m in decline or I’m not going to be as good as I once was.

“I am looking forward to proving a lot of people wrong with that,” he summed up.


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