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New proposal in place for golfers to start wearing helmets – VeloxSports TV


Brooks Koepka playing in 2017 courtesy of Golf Digest: Reports suggest that golfers might now have to start putting on helmets under a new proposal

Meanwhile, a powerful tee shot from Tyrrell Hatton struck a woman at Dunhill Links only in the month of October.

Also during the recent Ryder Cup, another woman lost sight in one of her eyes after a golf ball hit her.

The spectator who afterwards suffered blindness in one eye had also insisted she could have died on the golf course.

Meanwhile, Brooks Koepka had revealed being totally ‘heartbroken’ over the fan who sustained an injury in one of her eyes.

The European Tour had previously issued a formal statement whereby they said that Corine Remande had not suffered serious injuries.

Mrs Remande had actually travelled with spouse, Raphael from their home in Egypt to watch the Ryder Cup in Paris.

As a result, golfer know the risk of a ball possibly hitting them when out playing a round of golf.

Getting a drill from a golf ball can leave both minor and serious injuries to both golfers and spectators.

So, in an effort to stop further injuries, could helmets be in the near future for golfers?

That is what one proposal which has its foundation from the United Kingdom is seeking to do, Golf Punk reveals.

Thousands of pounds go out each year in claims for head injuries which errant golf balls seem to always cause.

And according to agency spokesperson, Chris Hall, golf needs more safety measures like those which already exist in other sports.

“Looking at other sports in the UK, both contact and non-contact, there are several measures in place to reduce injury.” Hall disclosed to Golf Punk.

“It makes sense for clubs, insurers” – Hall

“For example, many amateur and lower-league rugby clubs insist on protective helmets, martial arts classes provide pads for their students.

“And this is not just to prevent injury, it is because financially, it makes sense for clubs and their insurers.

“It also helps them in a very strong way to prove that they have reduced harm wherever possible,” he explained.

Hall hopes that public pressure and bringing the issue out into the open will help advance the proposed safety measures.

“Public safety campaigns are crucial to changing the status quo, cyclists are aware helmet use is important,” Hall went on.

“With enough support from insurers, businesses and health and safety professionals, a similar scenario could happen with golfers,” Hall concluded.


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