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NFL Most Amazing Plays That Didn’t Count


A compilation of amazing NFL plays that didn’t count. They were either called back by a penalty, the player was ruled out of bounds, or the play was blown dead somehow. Some of these may be considered controversial NFL plays, such as the Calvin Johnson catch vs. Bears and Dez Bryant catch vs. Giants.

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  1. I'm always grateful but man there's a slew of bad edits in a row here. 5:35 we don't hear but one call (not so bad) then Texan one handed catch – no explanation why didn't count. Next play is illegal formation but the footage begins after play is in progress. Then Beckham punt return – penalty is never shown. After that they're great again. You do GREAT stuff but wanted to point these out.

  2. 4:31 Brown should've waited for Cotchery(#89) to block #59 so Brown could've cut back into the inside instead of having to avoid stepping out of bounds and there's no way #27 or #28 would've caught him


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