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Ormrod tells emotional life story after winning Invictus Games gold – VeloxSports TV


Triple amputee, Mark Ormrod describes his incredible journey from his life-changing injury in Afghanistan to inspiring thousands via social media

Ormrod actually picked up the gold medal just 45 minutes after he had learnt the breaststroke.

The former Royal Marine did not think he would live let alone become a competitive swimmer.

That was aftermath of the 34-year-old having stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, losing his right arm and both legs.

But the strong man originally from the United Kingdom won two gold medals and a silver in the swimming pool.

And that was at the Invictus Games which is at this very moment taking place in Sydney on Wednesday night.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be here,” Ormrod told AAP.

“The first time that I went in a swimming pool post my injury, I nearly drowned.

“And I was a pretty strong swimmer before the Afghanistan disaster struck.

“But that incident kept me out of the water for five years,” he added.

The former Royal Marine became the first triple amputee to survive Afghanistan.

And that was after having stepped on an improvised explosive device during a routine patrol on Christmas Eve in 2007.

Doctors had, however, informed Ormrod to prepare for life in a wheelchair.

But instead of that, the father of three children used the injury as a “springboard for growth and reinvention”.

“It was a complete experiment” – Ormrod

He simply decided to take to the swimming pool at the 2017 Invictus Games in the city of Toronto in Canada.

And that was in the wake of Ormrod having figured out “how to go in a straight line”.

“It was a complete experiment which I had to adapt (swimming) to my injuries.

“And I also had to figure out what to do with my right arm.

“That is what body position to have, how many breaths to take and so on,” Ormrod went on.

Another experiment for Ormrod was the 50-metre breaststroke which he won.

That was after learning an adapted version of the swimming style only 45 minutes before the race on Wednesday night.

“I only entered it last night because there was only one entrant, I wanted to give the crowd a race.” He suggested.

“But I had a quick little go just now in the warm-up pool and I think I figured it out.” He summed up.

Ormrod defeated former Australian sniper team commander, Garry Robinson by just 29 milliseconds in the race.

And this very feat actually had all of the crowd on its feet, hailing him.

Ormrod is an Australian athlete who originally played soccer.

But he decided to quit the sport to start a career in athletics with his special distance being 400 metres.


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