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Ravens vs. Chargers Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018


The Baltimore Ravens take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. Absolute immaturity on both sides. Do we really need to see a player flex his biceps and run 30 yards down the field after a routine tackle? After every great play comes the stupid gesture

  2. That BOY Lamar Jackson is a tremendous athlete but not NOT a QB ??? Do you know that he has more running yards in his first year than Tom Brady has in his CAREER ??? Thats a metric that some people don't like ???????

  3. I never thought Lamar Jackson was that good QB prospect, if they get behind in this game he doesn’t have the passing ability to get them back… Unless guys are wide open. He’s not Deshaun Watson or Michael Vick… Perhaps he can develop but he’s got really poor throwing mechanics and you can’t run all day as a quarterback… You won’t last in the league.

  4. I'm excited for Sunday. Not saying the Chargers won't be a challenge but man I can't believe after smacking them around the first time how confident people are that the Chargers got this next W… it's like they got amnesia

  5. The chargers will win if out O line steps it up and can give rivers time,we don’t have any mistakes like FUMBLES (breaks my heart it was gates) and interceptions. And if there are good refs that won’t make bullshit calls,wish we had a better punter and out tackling could be better. U also have to remember that the chargers don’t have Denzel perryman wich I think if we did have this game would be different. We also don’t have Cory luiget

  6. Had been waiting for the Chargers to play their classic game. Which is losing to a tough east coast opponent with a worse record.
    Whata you know. The Bolts are too finesse of a team. If Gordon comes back healthy maybe, but Ive
    lost all faith in them.


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