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Spike Volleyball (2019) Review


A few days ago I made the grave mistake of purchasing the newest volleyball videogame, Spike Volleyball. Because of a mixture of bugs, strange gameplay decisions, and a physics system that would make Einstein cry, Spike volleyball might be the worst volleyball videogame yet. In this review, I mostly go over the mistakes of the game and how I think a volleyball videogame could be improved in the future. This is a bit different from my usual content, but if you want some pro volleyball videos, podcasts, and articles, you can check out my website fiveonevb.com


  1. I wish the game could let us choose between controlling the whole team or play in one specific position. The game is clunky af.

    Edit: I laughed after I saw three Kevin Tillie out of 10.

  2. That was an extremely well done critique of the video game. Hard to imagine that someone would develop such an inferior product with all the "technology" that is available today. Nice that you mentioned a few positives. After seeing clips of the game, I wouldn't even spend $C 10.00 on the game.

  3. Good review, and I agree with the opinion that deep down there is a solid base for a developer to work with to create a great indoor vball sim.  One issue is we get these subpar vball games every so often from different game makers, but every single one is a new one made from the ground up.  Why can't a studio work off an already established framework from a prior vball game?  Instead of investing in a brand new game, spend that time and money on making a bad one better. This game has loads of potential.  But it's such a small niche market, it's always tough to imagine more money being spent on going back and improving on a game that isn't going to sell to the masses anyway.  This one feels like a quick buck was made and they are moving on, but I hope I'm wrong.

  4. I see a haikyuu manga at the back, could you do a video on your thoughts of it. I can safely say that haikyuu genuinely got me into volleyball as I decided to pick it up after being “inspired" by it. It lit the spark and I decided to continue getting better at it and I am now a setter for my university's team. So yeah, I love haikyuu. A lot.

  5. i feel you man, in all honesty i think that even though there aren't many volleyball games indoor or beach this could have been the best volleyball game in my opinion, you know the trailer for me looked very promising and realistic and it got my hopes up really high but that obviously did not turn out as we all expected, i saw some videos from yes guy gaming and when he started playing i thought i was gonna cry, but with all of these the concept is kinda great and overall this game could be massively improved
    Anyway nice video dude and keep up the work cause you are awsome. And lastly sorry for my bad england



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