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The Charity Commission is very much eager to “establish the facts” relating to the Professional Footballers’ Association charity, reports say.

That is the latest development as the scrutiny intensifies on the PFA’s chief executive in the person of Gordon Taylor.

The non-ministerial government department which regulates registered charities in England and Wales have come out with a formal statement.

That is by saying it is “aware of concerns” regarding the PFA charity which helps support current and former professionals.

As many as 200 current or former members of the PFA have lent their support to the chairman, Ben Purkiss.

And that is in line with his call for a complete overhaul of the organization in the nearest possible future.

On the other hand, though, the PFA Chief Executive, Taylor has written an open letter to members of the body.

An official announcement surfaced on Wednesday that an independent QC will conduct a “full and open review” of the union.

And that is the one Taylor has run since 1981 which is by far the highest-paid union official in Britain.

The union’s management also revealed that it would work closely with its trustees and management committee.

Meanwhile, the trustees and management committee consists of 18 player representatives to finalize the scope and scheduling of the review.

The latest PFA charity accounts show staff costs of nearly £3.8million for charity activities.

But elsewhere, it has highlights of: “The charity does not have any employees.

“And therefore, no salaries or wages have been paid during the year,” it stated.

Walters lends Taylor support

Savage wrote on his official Twitter handle, saying: “This is not the basis of an independent review.

“Questions to be answered already about this statement but that is nowhere near sufficient in my eyes,” he summed up.

However, others like Jon Walters who presently plays as an attacker for Ipswich Town serves on the PFA’s management committee.

They have also jumped to a very strong defence of Taylor, accusing his detractors of succumbing to “mob rule”.

Taylor who received a payment of £2.3million in 2017 has himself hit back.

And that is by simply calling into question Purkiss’ right to membership of the union.

Purkiss who is on the other hand at this very point in time with Walsall is, however, on non-contract terms.

Among the issues Taylor’s critics have raised is what they see as a lack of support for players.

And that is whenever they are in financial difficulties or those struggling with mental health issues.

Another line of attack has been the PFA’s slow response to football’s dementia crisis.

And that is with campaigners such as Jeff Astle’s daughter, Dawn telling Press Association Sport a certain but vital information.

That she “begs” players to replace Taylor and focus the union’s significant resources on areas such as research and support.


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