Home Highlights/TV Top 10 Moments From 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend

Top 10 Moments From 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend


Check out the Top 10 moments from the 2019 National Hockey League All-Star weekend.

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  1. very cool 3 on 3 format! shows pure talent vs 5-5 on a small rink where talent sometimes gets thwarted…In any event, great venue but no love on your top 10 to the greatest player on earth that won the mvp…really? his passing, shooting, and edge work was second to none… no big though as we all know the proof is in the pudding….Sid!!!!!!!!! …and whats funny, I'm not even a sid fan….but man, he is the best all around player of our era….no doubt

  2. I actually like the 3 on 3 games a lot. The only thing is some guys looked like they really weren't trying though. Players should be able to opt out for players that reeeeeeally want to be there and are considered runners-up. That girl was crazy fast, I wish female skateboarders showed that kind of explosiveness more.


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