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Top 16 Disappointing WWE Wrestlers from 1990


www.wwe.com released a list of top 100 wrestlers of all time recently, however, all wwe wrestlers who were listed there had disappointments in their early wrestling careers however somehow they managed to fight back adversities and came out on top. On the other hand , there are quite a few wwe wrestlers who started out great but ended up not living upto their expectations. According to some wwe rumors, some wrestlers even took up other jobs. Today we present you Top 16 Disappointing WWE Wrestlers from 1990
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  1. Damn von Eric died the story of his family and family tragedy is terrible he didn't really suck or fail his only brother left has had his terrible times as well. You guys watch the von Eric documentary. Its worr every sec. If not then hate on me lol

  2. 11:1311:18 They've given up on Tazz due to his short frame, but yet other small male wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, The late Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio Jr have one the World wrestling championship belt in the WWF/WWE roster…Like come on now.. I'm just saying.

  3. bagwell made 1 other appearance he was involved in the attack on undertaker outside the arena the week after being thrown out the door he is easy to miss though as the commentators don't even acknowledge he is a part of the attackers

  4. Steamboat was my all time favorite wrestler. His foil to Four Horseman Rick Flair was epic. I actually drove by Ricky Steamboat's gym regularly as it was on the way to a relative's house. Steamboat was always a class act, until "The Dragon" phase, but his skills never failed him. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning him. It brought back a smile remembering how Steamboat/Flair built WWE (WWF then) into a sports entertainment powerhouse. 🙂

  5. What Happened to other stars like Bam Bam Bigelow he was a top hype wrestler but wasn't a main-event player years later Vince made him a monster heel to be manged by Ted Dibiase after his loss to Lawrence Taylor in Wrestlemania 11 he loss his push and becomes a jobber,there's Tito Santana a top WWE star of the 80's has wrestle the top stars like Greg Valentine,Randy Savage,Rick Martel and Jesse Ventura than Vince give him a gimmick that didn't work it's The Matador made him a jobber,Vader a domating force in WCW as a monster heel he came to WWE in '95 he ran-rough shot in the company until he meets Shawn Micheals Shawn defeats him Vader is buried by The Kliq.Damen Sandow another hyped wrestler who couldn't cut the mustard he won Money in the Bank he cash in was beaten by John Cena and loss his push and he turns into gimmick characters week after week he left the company and goes to TNA he's more of a jobber than WWE and lets not forget Jinder Mahal a first class jobber gets a upset win on Randy Orton and win the Smackdown championship he was on top of the world until he meets AJ Styles and ended his title regin he failed to regain it he hits rockbottom and becomes a first class jobber again.

  6. Hey. Where's Dan Severn, Brodus Clay and Crush? All three guys got a little bit of a push from the WWF/WWE. But none really clicked with fans mainly because they sucked in the ring..

  7. I would put Bobby Lashley for 2018 pretty high on that list. Every match the boring powerhouse stuff. It isn't helpful that he's on Raw where half of the locker room are such guys with power moves. Get one of Lashley, McIntyre or Strowman to Smackdown. Those Lesnar vs another boring powerhouse are stale for a year now.

  8. MacMahon and the rulers of WWE have been notorious for their petty, self-centered, self-important egos and attitudes. The phrase “best for business” translates into best for their own personal interests, and not anything to do with actually making money or pleasing their fans.

    It was a complete travesty for Ricky Steamboat to be treated the way he was for wanting to put family first. Yes, I understand that the nature of the business is that for the sake of business everyone must sacrifice their personal lives, excessively so, for the sake of fame, stardom, and maintaining the momentum of the business.

    But as with anything else in the world, and most especially pertaining to WWE in present times, shouldn’t there come a time when someone in authority asks the question; can we make some changes here? You don’t have to break the entire mold just to get a new response. The whole system is out of what, just parts of it.

    And what gets me is that the more I learn and hear about the backstage nonsense the ruling body of WWE exhibits, the more laughable it becomes. I guess having billions of dollars clouds one’s mind to the need to continue making or sustaining the wealth you’ve acquired. You can’t keep making money, if your fans and your employees are not treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve.

    Every wrestler and every situation they were in just speaks of dishonesty, cruelty, maliciousness, and just basically evil. Steamboat was a money maker for the WWF/E and not only should’ve been a HUGE, HUGE star, but should have won and held on to the title for extensive runs. Steamboat had one of the most exciting matches and potential rivalries in WWF/E with Randy Savage, and definitely cemented both superstars as the elite of professional wrestling superstars.

  9. In 1991, everybody was “The” something. The Dragon, The Texas Tornado, The Undertaker, The Repo Man, El Matador, The Bezerker, The British Bulldog, The Mountie, etc, etc. xoxo The Clarences


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