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Vance McDonald || 2018-2019 Steelers Highlights ᴴᴰ


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  1. I'm a niners fan and this appeared on my feed, I'm happy Vance is doing ok.
    I hated the pick, Delanie Walker left and team drafted this dude. He was a big time reach for the round he got drafted.
    When he was healthy and focused he was a beast. Very athletic, strong and a great blocker, I really thought he could become an star TE.
    But he had 2 perennial problems on his game: He was injury prone, struggled a lot to stay on the field. Drops, he could get a pass right on the numbers or the hands, wide open, and drop it. But not just random drops, he did it in critical moments, third down conversions in the fourth quarter or a 2 minutes drill.
    He eventually got beaten by Kittle and traded on preseason. I hope he keeps improving his game, he has every tool to be a top TE in the league. It's rare for a player of his size to be that fast.


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