Home Highlights/TV Virginia vs. Virginia Tech Condensed Game | 2018 ACC Football

Virginia vs. Virginia Tech Condensed Game | 2018 ACC Football


Watch the Condensed Game from Virginia Cavaliers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies, 11/23/2018


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  1. There is no joy in Hooville tonight. But I have personally called coach Fuente and said once the streak gets to 25 it has to stop. We'll forfeit or give them a tie or something…'cause you know…sportsmanship.

  2. I love vA tech..been loving tech since Vick was playing for the national championship but hokie fans let not settle just by beating uva every year .let get on board for better recruitment 4 and 5 stars recruitment we need .look at the bamas ,lsu.. Florida States, Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, Miami bk in the day, Florida in tebows days.. Ohio State,what they have in common..they all won a national championship with there 5 and 4 star recruitment.tech will never get there unless bud foster get off his ass and go out there and recruit better than ever before..he a high and top 3 defensive coordinator in the country and he cant recruit worth nothing..last best recruit was dax hollifeild but we always rely on recruiting siblings..it's time hokie nation to someone start taking back are home state recruitment serious..we always settle for low 3 and 2 star recruitment..this year gets a pass b/cuz of the dismissals and early drafts this year… o- lineman is terrible..they seems to fit a community college type of team.d line is weaker than a grown man can't bench press over a 100 pounds of iron.i think that we are so undersized in defensive ends we need 6'4 and up ends and atlease 330 plus on d tackles..and Bryce watts is a third string corner he was like number 90th top corner bk out his 2017 class.. horrible.. we need o-line , defensive tackles and corner bk for the 2020 recruitment major..I bet if next year we have another down year..if we lose more the 3 or 4 games.then bud foster need to go..and the offense coordinator need to go.also..bud been at tech for 32 yrs hokie nation and only been to one national championship and the defense was blown out by Florida St..and remember Vick was the foundation of vA tech and put tech on a national platform.. it's almost feels like we just settle for a 9 to 10 win season..most high recruits want a team know they gonna win and go to the promise Land getting a national championship or at least make it to the playoffs..#1 better recruitment 4 and 5 Stars#2 put players in better positioning on the field..all the d ends was former linebackers in highschool.they was put there only by forced urgency,#3 better play calling and make all three qbs get more first team practice experiences and reps.. and lastly#4 bud foster get up and go out and recruit more and more..I'll trade bud and Justin Fuentes for Nick saban ,or urban myer.


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