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Women Playing Football in Italy | NFL Films Presents


NFL Films Presents tells the story of how Nausicaa Dell’Orto created a secret women’s football team in Milan, Italy.

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  1. I’m fully for women wanting to play the same sports men play and all but whether you would agree with me or not is totally your god given right to do so but I for one still have a little bit of skepticism that women playing football is the kind of sexist barrier should be crossed agree or not is up to you but this is my opinion of what I think there’s just some women sports that men shouldn’t be a part of and some men sports women shouldn’t be a part of now sports like basketball baseball wrestling swimming volleyball soccer those sports are the kind of sports both men and women would be great for this doesn’t mean that women aren’t allowed to be a part of the sport of football just I don’t know if playing I would be comfortable watching women play with the hits and tackles that occur in football for 1 thing women are more likely to sustain a concussion quicker than a man would playing football cause their craniums doesn’t stand up to that kind of impact from a hard hitting tackle like a man would so the injuries would be even higher than they would be if it was men playing football women playing football I just don’t feel comfortable with


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