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WWE Women’s Wrestling Review Week of February 4th, 2019 | WWE RAW & SmackDown


This episode include HEATED debates. Because we’re heading towards WWE Elimination Chamber where we will crown our first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. The Riott Squad and IIconics are going in the match with low morale, while Boss N’ Hug Connection, Nia Jax, Naomi, and Mandy Rose are going in with good jush.

Becky Lynch had two segments that is creating the legend of The Man and perfect road to WrestleMania storyline. We discuss her interaction with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

What do you think about the WrestleMania storyline building among Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and the Authority? Who do you think deserve the first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship around their waists? Comment down below!

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0:45 WWE Raw
0:55 Stephanie McMahon Invites Becky Lynch to Raw
4:30 Ronda Rousey Confronts Becky Lynch
5:35 Ronda Rousey Defeats Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan
8:50 Natalya and Dana Brooke Segment
9:42 Boss N Hug Connection vs Alicia Fox & Nikki Cross
15:37 Moment of Bliss with EC3

17:20 Patron Shoutout!
17:45 WWE SmackDown Live!
17:48 Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Triple H Segment
22:01 Triple Threat Tag Team Match
24:37 Asuka?
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  1. Sasha and Bayley are not stars, Bayley is an adult who molests wwe women by hugging them (without consent), her mic skills are bland, she looks and acts like a toddler… did she even hit puberty yet? Okay now Sasha Banks, her ego is bigger than a black man’s cock whether it’s her character or her interviews or anything. when Alexa took Sasha’s top spot she was petty, she was a bitch in interviews, she complains about her position even though she’s a 4x champ… she’s an ungrateful horse face diva title hair color bratt. IIIICONIC, and Fire and Desire DESERVE TO BE THE FIRST WWE WOMEN’S CHAMPION. They have the charisma, the looks and the skills, they are humble backstage and grateful people. Sasha and Bayley are NOWHERE near star potential, they can’t even fake being a tag team

  2. Fantasy women’s booking for mania

    Smackdown Womens title (ladder match):
    Asuka vs
    Charlotte vs
    Naomi vs
    Carmella vs
    Mandy Rose vs
    Sonya Deville

    Winner: Charlotte

    Tag titles:
    Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Trish Stratus and Lita

    Winner: Sasha Banks and Bayley

    Raw Womens title:
    Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey

    (The mma horsewomen interfere and Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte help)

    Winner: Becky Lynch

    Close Wrestlemania with all 4 horsewomen holding championship gold

  3. Inaugural champions are more often then not out on Babyfaces because you tend to want first time championship coronations to be feel good moments. People like Tyler Bate winning the UK title, it was feel good for the first Champion and then switched to a (then) heel Pete Dunne after that. It tends to help the fan reaction more

  4. I'm sorry Bayley HAS NEVER done anything worth watching to me. I didn't watch NXT in the beginning when she had MotY, I only went back to watch it when Sasha came to the main roster and they kept talking about it, other than that, Bayley just hold onto this 4HW title. Even though Sasha hasn't really been in the forefront, she does ALWAYs get an opportunity to showcase. I agree that a real Tag team should win the titles but they have not built any of their real teams for it to seem real for them to be a threat. As much as I want Tamina to finally win something, I really don't think Nia deserve it. At the end of the day, I think a Raw team will win and those are the only two teams they built up.

    In spite of everything I just said, I am bias towards Naomi, if she wins I won't be mad. But I know they won't because someone has to feud with Asuka or did we forget her?

  5. I agree with Lola because we all already know who they're going to give the tag team titles to and that is Sasha and bayley not because they earned it because everybody wants them to be the tag team champs painfully pathetic, they need to give it to others actually work their ass off for those titles not just two girls that come in and get anything they want

  6. i will be ok if either Mandy & Sonya or Sasha & Bayley win TAG belts–just not Iconics..lol sorry Lola, but they would make the TAG belts a joke if they do…on other topic, so, is this SD and RAW putting the seeds for an after Wrestlemania feud of Becky vs Mcmahons? maybe Bex vs Stephanie at Backlash? or Triple H and Steph vs Becky and Seth R.?

  7. DS does realize producer control the match right? They hardly call it themselves especially the women… I bet you if the iiconics had a say in how to work the Super showdown match it would’ve been so much better


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