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2018 Atholton Varsity Baseball Season Highlights v2


15 minutes of pitching, catching, fielding, hitting, stealing, and scoring season highlights for the 2018 Atholton High School (Howard County, Maryland) Varsity Baseball team. Note: This is a new version of the video since Sony Music Entertainment blocked the previous version containing an AC/DC song. You can find the re-released 2017 Atholton varsity baseball highlights video here:

Set to music:
1. La Grange (ZZ Top) – Pitching and Catching
2. Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’Roses) – Fielding
3. Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf) – Hitting, Stealing, Scoring
4. Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top) – Hitting, Stealing, Scoring

4K 60FPS taken with a Canon VIXIA GX10 videocamera.

Atholton Player links:

#1 Michael Burton (2B), Class of 2020

#8 Zach Geesaman (C, 3B), Class of 2020

#9 Benji Thalheimer (P, 2B, SS), Class of 2020

#14 Jack Lawrence (SS, P), Class of 2018

#18 Zach Snow (C), Class of 2019


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