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#8 Penn State vs #1 Stanford (Regional Final) | Women Volleyball Championship 2018



  1. Im Cardinal fan all the way but, I have to say… I do like the talent at Penn State. Jonni Parker hits a heavy ball and Mia Reed needs to hit from the back row. Penn States setter is BASIC AF. The team is athletic enough to run some serious combinations. How annoying to have deep talent and the setter sets a high ball outside. (BORING) If Penn State can get some back row action… i think next year would be very interesting.

  2. If stanford doesn't come to play and serve better, byu will sweep them off the floor. It took 20 Penn state points in the 2nd set before stanford started to play like a number 1 seed. I sense Illinois and byu will be in the final, as both teams played phenomenally in their respective semifinal matches. Stanford looked stunned against Penn state. Smh.

  3. This video is missing 20 minutes of the full coverage. Look for the UNabridged full-coverage edition (minus commercials) on my channel; with 15 fewer ads and is in 1080p60.

  4. Jenna Gray can set from anywhere. Perfect. Katheryn Plummer drops the hammer from any spot. And Meghan McClure the secret weapon. In the end it was the defense that made the real difference. The Stanford wall of blockers solidified the command and match. Great volleyball Stanford.

  5. I think Penn State losing was because of poor setting choices. The outside hitters were efficient the first set because everyone was getting a chance to hit and there wasn't a double block on them every time. Thorough out the other sets, Penn state became predictable to me. Parker should have gotten set more and middles needed to be used. Parker is going to be a big deal next year.

  6. Stats overall mean nothing. Just bc there’s a low percentage for doubles from setters doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Those doubles were so obvious it hurt me. Mistakes happen and whistles should’ve been blown.

  7. Armchair coaching, but why take out Parker at 23-24 for a cold serving sub? She was Penn's best chance at evening up the score thru creating a bad pass. Lollipop means Good pass = Plumber kill. It isn't complicated.

  8. penn state's two outside hitters were not efficient at all this season…. One of them has a heavy swing but hits without range and the other one just doesn't have enough power to put the ball down against a team like stanford. No surprise stanford won.

  9. who are there to stop this hard hitting invincible Stanford team? perhaps no team is there to stop them.
    This Stanford team is very well balanced & experienced with towering figures. two of the tallest and talented players like fritzmoriz & plummer are in their ranks. They have Jena Gray the best setter of the country with best blocker Alade.
    BYU, Nebraska, Illinois are far behind of them on experience and quality.


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