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A College Hockey Thanksgiving


A behind the scenes look at Thanksgiving for us. Since we are in season, we celebrate as a team.

I’m working on a game day video right now, that should be the next one.

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  1. The swedes were talking about how college hockey is nothing to play with and that it's not like a kindergarden out there on the ice. It's a battle into the last breathe every workout and practice. Don't know if they told you after what they were saying but I thought that I'd tell you what was going on!

  2. Next time they speak a foreign language, add subtitles that are completely wrong but are really funny and out of context. For example if they actually say: Yeah practice was good today. Add the subtitles: i like to suck my own dick at night ya know

  3. Pat, I'd say you need a new intro but the fact that it seems like you edit it all makes it more authentic. Channels lose some of their specialness when it gets all highly produced. Best of luck with the Panthers or wherever you end up!

  4. sick video man. As a hockey player myself it would be helpfull if you could make a video about tips on making junior A hockey and how to stay and even just your experience how you got where you are now.


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