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Best Play and Moment of 2018! | 2019 NFL Honors


Check out the best play and moment from the 2018 NFL season!

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  1. ON Brees' overtime interception play,
    Brees took an illegal blow to the head area (helmet) and, Michael Thomas was interfered with, contact was made downfield before the ball arrived. Two no-call fouls on just that one play.
    The no-call was absolutely not the only incident that went against the Saints victory.

    The SB yesterday showed a much weaker/inexperienced team versus a veteran, better run football organization, and it was an ass kickin.

    The Saints were more prepared in many ways for the big show.

    I love the NFL, have watched since the 85 Bears… However, the LA Rams have a larger market, and the Patriots are the league's Sweethearts. Damn thing is rigged.

    Back to Brees
    Career-wise, these two I extremely close. Brees is virtually the most proficient passer in League History. But A Rod plays hurt, Better than any quarterback I've ever seen. His toughness and quarterback rating (career) I think is #1 in the NFL.


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