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[BREAKING] Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz; SHOCKED by LeBron James “NBA MVP” 83PTS in 2 last games



  1. I really hate these analyses, Ish Smith shoots 40% from 3 they win and 23% they lose. No shit dude, when a player plays well they obviously are more likely to win. Such dumbasses

  2. For all you saying but Kobe got 81 in one game. Forgot to mention he only got it in 3 more shots than lebron, Kobe is a scorer lebron isn’t, meanwhile lebron also has 7 more assists in those two games. Not lebron fault he’s not a ball hog.

  3. Jordan would put the clamps on LeBron. Do would Pippen. Six rings. Sorry LeBron loses to much. Can't not put him I. The Goat conservation. And LeBron fans will get upset but its the truth. Jordan won everytime in the finals LeBron loses to much. Facts are facts the camera never lies. But you got guys like nick Wright Shannon. Sharpe. And the herd. Living for LeBron legacy.

  4. Im not even old Jordan would destroy LeBron is so overrated 1 championship in celevland get out here with that. Jordan is so much better then him

  5. This game will have a playoff atmosphere, both teams are in the same division whenever teams are on national TV and playing against Lebron then they play really hard. The Utah Jazz have a good defense with Rudy Gobert protecting the paint with such a hugh wing span, the have good point guard play in Ricky Rubio. Rick is good for creating for others, one of the guys he creates for is Joe Ingles he is their shooter and when he gets hot he becomes trouble for other teams. The Lakers will have to slow him down, a couple of tactics that work with a shooter like him is you make him put the ball on the floor more than head use to because he excels when he spots up and shoots. Another way is to deny him the ball, he runs off a lot of ball screens like Reggie Miller the team will have to talk and communicate so they know when to switch and stay to mess with his rhythm

  6. Giannis is more deserving of the MVP at this point than LeChangeTeams. He's absolutely killing it. But we all know that the media wants to support Lebron and help him win another MVP, so they can keep their Jordan comparisons going.

  7. The Utah Jazz have a young and battled tested group, right now they are not in the playoffs and this shows you how competitive the western conference is last year they were in the playoffs this year if the playoffs started today they would be out. Last year Donovan Mitchell showed the world that he is an incredible talent no one really taught that he would have that type of year. If Ben Simmons didn't have such a magical year last year then Mitchell would have definitely won the award he finished 2nd in voting.

  8. Off topic, but look at video 8 seconds on. Look at Blake power through Jaylen Brown who is significantly smaller than him, yet Blake recoils and tries to get the foul call while driving. THIS is one of the reasons no one takes Blake seriously, he's soft and underperforming

  9. U can tell David Griffin really understands the systems of basketball, player styles, efficiency & an dan gilbert got rid of him look at Cleveland now I know bron left but I haven't seen Cleveland put together anything good over outside of David Griffin run at GM with bron coming back u can tell he communicated with the players & valued their input as well unlike Dan who just wants everyone to knows whose boss but it's looking like Cleveland gonna struggle at 3 years before they can even have at chance at being an ok or good team without bron or kyrie


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