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Championship Drive week 13.

Please watch: “College Gameday Headgear Pick | Week 14 | ALABAMA VS GEORGIA”



  1. Notre Dame is the only team with 12 FBS Wins… sure they don’t play a conference championship but Alabama and Clemson also play an FCS team every year.

  2. This is exactly why the NCAA STILL hasn't gotten this correct. 4 teams picked by HUMAN FACTORS is STILL going along with the old BCS mentality. They need to take conference champs, Bracket them, and let them play to the championship. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY to play this fairly and without human factor in the selection. Just use those extra games like bowl games… That would also make the NCAA more money as more people would watch a bowl game with two teams that, one of which, will meet their team down the line for a championship. THINK, if you were a bama fan, wouild you really care at all about a game between something like Michigan and UCF? NO! However, same scenario, but playoff possibilities from either team, YES you would tune in (MORE MONEY FOR NCAA). They need to fix this or it will keep being biased.

  3. The best offense BAMA has played is #20 Mizu and the same for UGA with Mizu.
    The important thing is how are you playing today (Saturday) and here is how that breaks down offensively.
    These are the numbers from the last 3 ranked teams these 2 teams have played, in offensive yards. I used ranked… just because, it's just a better read.
    BAMA = 1,405 yds
    UGA 1,389 yds
    Not much difference… 16 yards overall in fact, spread over 3 games.
    The break down-
    BAMA Passing-873 / Rushing-532
    UGA Passing-566 / UGA Rushing-823
    Meaning these 2 teams are closely matched overall at this point in the season, BAMA better at passing and UGA better at rushing.
    Interesting note… CLEM has not played but 2 ranked teams:) Ranked at the time they played.

  4. Idk who the black guy is but he’s not the brightest bulb in fixture. Yeah OU’s defense sucks but a win is a win and a loss is a loss. He’s ignoring tOSU’s loss whilst saying we can’t ignore the best win lol. Yeah you have to take both into consideration. Also Mack brown said the game is changing offensively and he said it wasn’t because there are 4 teams at the top every season. Well yes but that’s not what Mack just said. My dude needs to think a little more and talk a little less.

    As far as who is the most deserving team assuming both OU and tOSU win it’s definitely OU. We have one loss against the number 2 team in the big 12 by a slim margin and we have a chance to avenge that. If we win we effectively erase our one blemish. tOSU lost to Purdue by 29 and went into OT against Maryland. Strength of schedule is in OUs favor as is overall efficiency. With all of that info wrapped into one OU is the most deserving.

    With all of that being said it isn’t about who is deserving but about who is *better*. I wish we’d quit arguing who is more deserving because tbh it just doesn’t matter. Both teams are great and either could go. It’s a 50-50 tossup imo and I’m an OU fan. It really just depends who shows up more in their conference championship game tbh.

  5. what does notre dame have to do to impress you people? i’m guessing even if they beat alabama y’all would just find a way to twist and say it was unfair. the ball state, the vandy, you use those as an excuse to call them “overrated” but to that i say; did they have their starting qb? no. starting rb? nah. what about offensive lineman? nope. so what’s your issue with them? stop using your bias against them to bash a great football team.

  6. everyone needs to calm down. clemson is gonna get tore up by pitt, and oklahoma is gonna get lassoed by texas. those two monkey teams are gonna be out, mark my word.

  7. Too much debate on who should be playing. Need to get human error out of college football. 8 teams 5 conference champs from the p5 get in, 2 at large and the highest ranked g5 team. No conference champ sorry not sorry you dont deserve to be in. All teams must be required to play 9 conference games also.

  8. ND does not belong in the playoffs! This same overated hype was given to them in 2012 when they played Bama in the Championship, and Bama crushed them 42-14. and ND was ranked #1. Not to mention they don't even play a Conference Championship game. Not fair in any way for others to have to play a Conference Championship game and to have it go against them if they lose, and ND not have one. Anyone who doesn't have a Conference Championship game in their Conference should NEVER be considered for the playoffs…PERIOD!

  9. It's all subjective. Unless there are rules based on judging the top 4 is the same as the BCS. Just with people and not computers. UCF should get a shot and not N.D. 2 perfect seasons. Give them a chance. And as far as Texas vs ou we gonna win cause ou has no, and I mean no defense.

  10. Pope Urban will be scoring BIBLICAL BASKETBALL SCORES NUMBERS in ALL games starting with UM onward… !!!

    B1G/Ohio State has already buried Oklahoma deep… —> Ohio State/MSU/UM > Maryland > Texas > Oklahoma

    In the head-to-head, LSU was vastly better than Georgia! And LSU = Texas A&M head-to-head…

  11. OSU has beat Alabama before when everyone thought Alabama was the freaking greatest team ever, and OSU came in and wrecked them. Season after season it proves the COMMITTEE does not know how to rank teams and really only rank for ratings/viewership. Until there is a CFB playoff with at least 16 teams, I don't see these conversations ending. We might as well do a 24 team playoff with the top 25 or even 32 game playoff. IDC but we need a bigger playoff because as it is now, there is NO playoff and there are a group of 14 some guys and a girl picking teams based soley on who THEY think is better (or influenced by $$$$$$$$). Money will always play a factor unless you eliminate it. I am sorry but i can't just put my faith into this committee believing them to be humble unbias moral judgers. They are just people who will get it wrong, and people who can be corrupted by greed. I don't care who you have on the committee, at some point enough money is offered to get a certain team into the spot they need to be to bring X100 of what that money offered was to the program.

  12. We can and/if all you want but the answer is it does not matter who gets in the fourth spot none of them can beat 1 or 2 and neither can number 3. Five right now might but that will work itself out this week.

  13. I'm curious of what the playoff would look like if Ohio state, Bama, Oklahoma, AND Clemson lose. What does that do to the computer predictions….. At that point Cen. Florida HAS to be in, but who else?


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