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Could a Sumo Wrestler be an NFL Lineman?


Ninh explains – Could a Sumo wrestler be an NFL Lineman?
It’s an interesting question: can these Asian hulks be linemen in the sport of American Football? And if so, could they actually cut it in the NFL?

Watch this video explanation to see if they have (in theory) what it takes to make it in the NF as a sumo wrestler.

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Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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  1. Ninh explains – Can a sumo wrestler be an NFL lineman?
    It’s a topic that’s come up on several of my videos, so I thought I’d explain in a little bit more details.
    What do you think?
    Add your comments in the comment section and as always, please be respectful.

  2. A retired 31 year old Sumo couldn’t do it but what about an in their prime younger one with time to learn the skills and a body at his peak. Takanoiwa for example, pushed to premature retirement is only 26 I think. He could theoretically train 2 years to get himself up to speed and still have a good NFL career

  3. Their skill is transferable to the NFL but of course you need to teach them the game and they would need to increase their stamina. Not saying they have bad stamina but an NFL game is a lot longer than a sumo match.

  4. Great video!
    Now this is something I've Always wondered, being a huge fan of both sports!

    Your quite right about Grand Sumo being a lifelong dedication, as is Pro Football and someone suddenly trying to jump from one to the other would mean trying a completely new career later in life.

    However, as you said, the physical attributes needed for both are very similar, for example Sumo has started to become more and more dominated by Mongolian Rikishi (Wrestlers), who seem to have a natural affinity to the sport, Wrestling already being a huge part of their culture and their natural size and robustness working in their favour, add to that the fact they travel across to start Sumo training at a very young age.
    (Hakuho being a prime example here!)

    The thought of a group of Mongolian youths deciding to pursue Football careers rather than Sumo could be interesting, I reckon they'd go far!

  5. Very interesting video, albeit somewhat unusual.
    I guess it goes to show superficial impressions are quite often not accurate, as I always assumed the skillsets of a Sumo Wrestler of a NFL lineman were similar and interchangeable.

  6. I love these types of videos and some great points but
    1) Tom Brady is a quarterback…not a linesman or a linebacker and relies much less on driving power in the legs and upper body than every single other player on the field. Besides, he relies solely on his right arm and would not jeopardize that for a little demo. Lastly, it looks like that was pretty recent so he was probably 40 years old at that point
    2) The sumo wrestler who tried to play football was well past his prime and at 31 was 4 years older than the average player so he was not on a level playing field (no pun intended)


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