Home Highlights/TV How Freddie Kitchens Turned Around the Browns Offense | NFL Film Review

How Freddie Kitchens Turned Around the Browns Offense | NFL Film Review


NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, breaks down how offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens turned around the Cleveland Browns offense.

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  1. The Browns have the people they need in the building, roll with the current staff. Lincoln Riley? Chip Kelly was an awesome college coach too. Beware! Freddie Kitchens is a great play caller. If the Browns are silly enough to mess with this, Freddie will have another OC job in a second.

  2. I guess Jackson got fired for hiring and not firing Todd Haley. Don't make this about Jackson with the exception of what I just said. This is all about Todd Haley who was the offensive coordinator, play-caller, and stubborn a**h***.

  3. Have a very good question. With Kitchens in there calling plays-obvipusly doing an outstanding job for the Browns, do we really need to look to hire a new coach? One of the continuous problems with the Browns has been continuity between the coaching staff and GM…mainly because every couple of years we get a new GM and coach. When a new coach comes, he ois going to want to install his system which might not look like anything that Cleveland has now-ready to execute. Here is a really good example-think his name was Shelton (could be very wrong on this name). We drafted him in the first round a few years ago-played college ball with Washington Huskies. He is that type of D Lineman you put at NT in the 3-4 and suck up alot of blocks. Before the season began, we traded him to New England for I think-a 5th round draft pick.

    So if we get a brand new coach with all position coaches he will want on his team, which 1st round draft picks are we going to be sending to New England or Buffalo? Turning over the roster again for the like 5th time in the last eight years(annexxageration but not really that far off from the truth.)If this team continues to get better and win games we should have won in the first eight games-why not make Greg Williams the head coach? The system will be the same, will have a lot of continuity between the coaching staff, GM, and the team. You will most likely retain most of the position coaches and not turn over your whole roster-and by the time that is done is about the time they are firing the head coach or GM.


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