Home Highlights/TV LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 12/23/2018 NBA Season

LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 12/23/2018 NBA Season


LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies Full Game Highlights | 12/23/2018 NBA Season


  1. Memphis grizzlies are bookies best friends. They shave points. There are enough evidence for me to believe that. I hope they go to hell. Mfs. Cheaters. Dissolve this f team.

  2. All these bandwagoners talking shit that Lebron got blocked SO THE FUCK WHAT BITCHES? It’s the fucking NBA dumbfucks everybody gets blocked name one player who hasn’t got blocked in NBA. God Damn bitches gonna jump on Lakers wagon when Lebron plays with Davis soon mark my word. Got damn what happening with to these fake ass fans nowadays go cheer for warriors bitches

  3. Man no. 40 on Lakers this dude doesn’t play defence wtf a centre and playing like this. Lakers need a serious rim guarded not some tall baboon dude who pretends to play D wtf

  4. LeBron is NOW a ROLE PLAYER… He's NOT the BEST IN THE WORLD (KD is now)… He's NOT a SUPERSTAR anymore ALL he does is ELBOW people to get his points… NO defense, BRICKING free throws, NOT leading, and STAT PADDING… He has turned into RUSSELL WESTBROOK, but at least Westbrook is WINNING… #FatherTime

  5. Bringing in Lebron James does not guarantee victories! The Lakers are beatable! Teamwork can beat the Lakers! Teamwork wins games-not bringing in superstar players! The superman illusion that surrounds Lebron James is falling apart!

  6. No 4 standings haha..see who is overated ang trash wahaha…pinanalo lang kayo kasi pasko di na nga pinaglaro ibang players mga bopols na nasa comment tuwang tuwa nmn pinapagana lang kyo ng Lakers.

  7. Not from the US with limited understanding re. tactics etc. I read many comments about his defence or lack of, but not much about his teammate offence. He outscores his teammates in most games so is that not like asking Ronaldo to tackle more when he's scoring goals at the other end?

  8. Lakers aren’t going to the finals. Lebum isn’t going straight to the finals this year let’s all be serious for a min. Next year they’ll be a threat no doubt about that but cmon stop kissing this dude ass.

  9. Sometimes I ask my guys do y'all just wanna play some ball or do y'all wanna win………. Because some guys are just out there for cardio….. When they say they wanna win…….. I'll slow the game down draw 2 players and get some one a wide open shot. Or a one on one layup………. Lebron can do that pretty much every trip……. But he's trying to let everybody play…..But this ain't Team USA!!!!!


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