Home Highlights/TV NFL Week 17 Draftkings Picks + Fanduel Picks – Final Look

NFL Week 17 Draftkings Picks + Fanduel Picks – Final Look


NFL Week 17 Draftkings Picks + Fanduel Picks – Final Look

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  1. Hey, DFS, Thanks so much for a great, profitable, witty-no-matter-what regular season. I like that we tend to think alike.e.g., Jordy and Darnold, which l mentioned here before listening to you!

    A couple of notes: Just 13 hours before kick-off here in L.A., the wind is blowing like crazy; wind advisories hourly—though they could be gone as quickly as they came.

    —Godwin’s been lousy the last month; he’s overdue.
    —Diggs does much better vs. Bears than Thielen.
    —Most pundits think to make money, one of four stacks should be used, keyed by one of these four: Big Ben, Mahomes, Mr. Danica (If Davante plays), or super-cheap Josh Allen (with Foster and/or Jones).

    —I had to laugh as l remember you saying last rites for Mike Evans 5 or so weeks ago. Hey, that’s the nature of fantasy football. My fantasy football team started the playoffs as a major contender, and when my first week’s opponent lost Kareem Hunt, l actually sent the guy condolences because he was forced to start Derrick Henry. The day after Derrick’s single-handed slaughter, l was behind 56-0 and knew l was dead in the water—but that’s fantasy football.

    Happy New Year to you and your son, and l know you know New Year’s Eve is Amateur Night on the roads, so l won’t tell you to be extra-careful should you not stay home and celebrate.


    Corona, California

    Bet you really like the name of the city where I live!

  2. Stay away from C.J. As good as he looked last week, McVay will spread the carries, esp. to Joe Kelly. Two Rams TEs and Woods only decent stabs for a coach who likes to play as many as he can when possible.

  3. Adams is 2 catches from catch record, 135 yards from yardage record and 2 td from being only packer receiver to ever have 100+ catches 1500 yards and 15 TD in a season. Rodgers gonna feed him.

  4. Just throwing it out there since the Saints have nothing to play for how about Taysom Hill? I know he’s a long shot but your opinion on that play? Thanks man great content as always

  5. Just a heads up, Damien Williams isn't banged up. It's Darrel Williams that's banged up. He's Damien's backup when Ware is out. A lot of people get confused with those two guys lol

  6. First- you literally talk about the same thing as the first look every single week
    Second- Devante and arod said they are going to the record so Adams will play
    Third- On FanDuel it literally says Winston isn’t playing all the snaps
    Fourth- you talked about all the packers WR except Jake Kumerow
    Do you do any actual research


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