Home Highlights/TV Notre Dame beats USC to stay perfect | College Football Highlights

Notre Dame beats USC to stay perfect | College Football Highlights


After starting out slow and trailing at halftime, Notre Dame comes from behind in the second half vs. USC to win 24-17 as they improve to 12-0 and cement their case on securing a spot for the College Football Playoff. The Fighting Irish was led by Ian Book’s 352 yards and 2 touchdowns, including one to Tony Jones Jr. late in the fourth quarter. Dexter Williams had a decent night on the ground as he tallies 97 yards rushing with a 52-yard TD run.

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  1. I hoped that Wimbush would've started this season and was considered for heisman. If only Wimbush could've thrown the football and made smart decisions. But the Book QB change is probably the only reason ND went undefeated. GO IRISH

  2. Notre dame is my team and always will be however……..After watching Alabama today Notre dame doesn’t want to play them. I’m being serious. Alabama is not a college team. They are pro players in disguise. I’ve never seen a team this good.

  3. Waw!!!!! Notre Dame is good! Waw!!!!!! Notre Dame has an elite defensive line! Waw!!!!!!! Notre Dame has an elite secondary!!!! Waw!!!!! Waw!!!!!! Waw!!!!! I can’t stop crying!!! Waw!!!!! My team is OSU and we lost to Purdue by 29 points!!! Waw!!!!! Waw!!!!! I don’t know what to do, Notre Dame is good this year with loads with NFL talent!!! Waw!!!!! Waw!!!! Mommy!!!!!!! Notre Dame is better than my team this year!!! Waw!!!!!! Waw!!!!!!!! My team is Oklahoma and we don’t have a defense!!! Waw!!!! Waw!!!!! Waw!!!! Waw!!!!!

  4. Notre Dame got killed by Bama in 2012, so what! OSU got killed by Clemson in 2016. Clemson got killed by Bama last year. Washington got killed by Bama in 2015. OSU got killed by Purdue this year!!!!! Lol!!! Oklahoma doesn’t have a defense at all despite soome elite defensive talent. Who fucking cares about any of it! If your team earns it, then they deserve it! Bunch of crying little baby’s!

  5. Most overrated football team in the history of college football except for maybe the last Notre Dame team they were dumb enough to let play for a title. The good news is people only have to put up with this ridiculousness once every 15 years.

  6. Why does everyone hate ND? They play a decent schedule every year 12 FBS teams yes they threw in Ball State but still an FBS team. Compared to most SEC teams scheduling 2 to 3 FCS teams I mean who would've thought that Stanford, FSU, VT, USC would all have off years. You can hate on ND all you want, but they went 12-0 with an all FBS schedule.

  7. Was at the game and ND didn’t look like a top 4 teams so I’m glad our team didn’t lose too ugly. We didn’t play our butts off, we just showed up in the second half of the game and scored one TD an unusual act considering we usually lead at halftime and then completely vanishes after … now Helton is staying for another season, sadly all teams will get a free W from us.

  8. For all the ND haters saying they played no one. Below is ESPN’s strength of record after 12 games. Notre Dame second after Alabama.

    1. Alabama
    2. Notre Dame
    3. Clemson
    4. Georgia
    5. OSU
    6. OU

    Notre Dame could easily be #2 or #1. They beat 6 teams who were ranked at some point this season. Two of those are playing in conference championships (Pitt and Northwestern). Michigan has been Top 10 all year and ND won with their back up QB and RB. Syracuse lost to Clemson by 4, but lost to ND by 33. Stanford got smacked by ND, VT got smacked by ND.

    7 victories over bowl eligible teams. 2 Conference championship contenders. 2 teams who were top 10 at one point. Never lost.

    Bama can’t say that, Clemson can’t say that, OSU can’t say that, Georgia can’t say that.

  9. Sigh, now a overrated ND team will take a spot from a more deserving team who plays in a conference. GA, OU, and OSU would wipe the floor with them, but they get in because they beat VT, Stanford, and Michigan. Meanwhile these other teams have to play in championship games, one against Bama. I mean, we've all seen this movie before when they played Bama in the Natty right? Got in because they're ND, and got EMBARRASSED. Just like they're going to this year.

  10. This must have been frustrating for USC fans, the Trojans just couldn't get out of their own way. Right when you thought USC would seize the momentum and use it to their advantage, it was another drive-killing penalty or turnover. The Trojans outplayed the Irish in the first half but only had a three point lead to show for it. Notre Dame remained patient and confidence they would comeback and USC's constant mistakes made it much easier. USC had every chance to win this game.

  11. I can't take nothing away from Notre Dame, they did their thing. I just don't like how they get to kick back while everyone else is playing a 13th game; which subjects their players to injury.

  12. Notre Dame schedule and how hard it was. 5 of the 12 teams you beat finished under .500% 2 of the 12 teams finished .500% And of the 5 teams that you beat that finished with a winning record only 2 of them are in the top 25 rankings. So please stop telling me how fu@#ing hard your schedule was.
    1. Michigan 10-2

    2.Ball State 4-8

    3. Vanderbilt 6-6

    4. Wake Forest 6-6

    5. Stanford 7-5

    6. Virginia Tech 5-6

    7. Pitt 7-5

    8. Navy 3-9

    9. Northwestern 8-4

    10. Florida State 5-7

    11. Syracuse 9-3

    12 USC 5-7


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