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Oakland University gave students and staff hockey pucks to defend themselves if there’s a shooting.
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Oakland University is arming students with hockey pucks in case there’s a shooting.

Mina Fuqua: ‘At first it sounded like the funniest thing ever, you know, how they were going to use these hockey pucks, make sure you have one to prepare yourself for a school shooting. I just didn’t see how that would be something as helpful.’

Oakland University in Michigan came up with the idea to hand out hockey pucks after an active shooter training session for faculty members.

One means of fighting the Chief discusses is throwing heavy objects to distract, hurt, or discourage an attacker. At a recent training, he used the example of a hockey puck, which individuals can easily carry on their person.

‘Oakland University wishes to emphasize and reiterate that the idea of fighting an armed attacker with a hockey puck was offered in the context of a last line of defense in an active shooter situation.’ -Statement from Oakland University

Mina Fuqua: ‘Even if I have a hockey puck on me i might not think like, oh I’m going to use this, you know what I mean? God forbid the situation ever happens but if a school shooting was to take place we could use whatever was in our reach.’

The university, which has a no-weapons policy, says faculty members elected to buy 800 pucks for their colleagues and another 1,700 for students, all paid for by the faculty union.

Mina Fuqua: ‘I’m glad Oakland University is taking some steps towards preparing people because I know school shootings are getting more common it seems, but i’m just grateful that they feel the need to do something about it even if it’s something as simple or as silly sounding as hockey pucks. That’s the first step. Eventually I feel like there will be more kind of serious measures taken or more realistic measures taken. ‘

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  1. I am a student at Oakland University and no means were the pucks intended to be used in case an armed gunman were to invade the school. They were intended as a stunt to gain attention about changing the locks on campus classrooms. Each puck has a number on were to donate. The media took the faults info as the University arming their students. Plus the pucks were free. If you are going to report on a story at least you your research and get your facts straight.

  2. Wooooah, that would be considered a weapon. Did you NOT just say that the school had a no weapons policy? So isn't the school breaking it's own rule by arming their students with a weapon like that?

  3. It's disgusting that some sick individuals in the world and in America think that this is okay that we are totally at an all-time low for the human race because you are so scared and want to harm other people! Smh sad. Sick world … Just cancel school then…smh

  4. Do we really want to be arming students and teachers with these dangerous weapons?

    Pucks should be in the hands of trained decathletes or baseball players only.

  5. how far can the average person throw a hockey puck before it loses speed, maybe 15 meters, 25 if you throw it on it's side perfectly. I'm not talking about how far you can actually throw a puck, I mean until it loses effective speed

  6. Why not addressing the problem, not treating symptoms.. this isn't even laughable, it would only go so far as to create a false sense of security. Am I supposed to throw it as I'm running away, or is it magical; like if I face the attacker and chuck this thing at them, do they go 'awe, darn you got me, let me just put this gun away and turn myself in.'? H-e- double hockey sticks no!! They're going to be more aggravated, and show you how much more accurate and deadly their 'puck thrower' is. Good way to end up in a body bag with a toe tag if you ask me. Also, are the numbers for serialization, so the school can easily identify who threw pucks therefore reducing the dead kid next to it to a number rather than a name. 'Well, we've got #448 and #263 here, looks like they took the stand your ground angle.. but weren't able to get their 'rocks' off fast enough. Poor little fu*#'s should have joined the baseball team.'


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