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Skip and Shannon discuss the Redskins claiming they considered Colin Kaepernick | NFL | UNDISPUTED


Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe question why Washington would not bring in Colin Kaepernick for a workout after losing Colt McCoy to injury.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Skip and Shannon discuss the Redskins claiming they considered Colin Kaepernick | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Racism is dumb. Don't they know genetically there are smaller differences between races then there are between people of the same color. Put another way, color is only skin deep. Colin is a great player. I'd like to see him play.

  2. At the end of the day, this really speaks for how money hungry the NFL is as a WHOLE. They turn a blind eye to substance abuse and domestic violence cases because it does not hurt their pockets. A team can simply release a player and after a season or two, they get a fresh slate. But when a player is peacefully protesting acts of violence towards a demographic they get treated as if they are the spawn of Satan because it is hurting their pockets. Kaepernick is being blackballed and the only consideration is to not sign him under any circumstances. Honestly his best bet is to play a season in the Candian Football league and just hope teams can see what they are missing out on.

  3. Wow!! The Redskins making ANOTHER BAD MOVE!! Not surprising. This is coming from a Redskins fan.

    Literally, our backs against the wall and we make a dumb decision like this. We also let go of Swearinger. Honestly, we just need to purge this organization and have a fresh slate.

  4. dan snyder the owner of the redskins has been trying to move stadiums back to dc for years now. he donated a million dollars to the trump administration and that is why he they didn’t hire kap. he needs the approval

  5. At this point just give the guy a start, and once he shows he doesn't belong there, you got your answer on whether or not he should take another snap ever again!

  6. I think Kap is all about Kap… And the explanation of why they went with someone else is a matter of fans pay for tickets and fans don't want his bs… Also, Kap is all about Kap and like with T.O. And others, if you have a good team you don't put some self-centered, arrogant, cancerous presence into that locker room. If you do that, maybe you win this year, maybe… But for sure: you alienate your fan base and destroy your locker room for years to come. Injuries heal, loss of team solidarity… the only way to fix that is complete rebuild

  7. Colin made several mistakes whether or not his protest was right. First he did his protest at his place of employment where he was under contract that had clauses somewhere that prevents him from "embarrassing" the team. Try sitting down at your job in protest and see how that works out for you. Second he did not read the room of who his owners and league bosses were before he used a game setting because of the national spotlight for his protest.
    Now he has got his self into a situation that no matter what team he goes to from day one at the least he will be a major media distraction and at worst he will divide a locker room the moment he walks in.

  8. Kap is suing the league for collusion. If an NFL team picks him up and he agrees to play for them, Kap's lawsuit is severely weakened and he loses. If Kap doesn't get signed, but shows that he's still capable of playing it strengthens his case against the NFL. All of this is legal chess. If Kap really wanted to play in the NFL RIGHT NOW his best shot would be to drop the suit. However, if he wins the suit, than not only does he get the legal backing but he can then play again. It seems to me that Kap is playing the long game, but he has to be careful b/c he's 31 and who knows how long this case will last. It's entirely possible the NFL draws it out and then when done Kap would be too old to play effectively as a QB at the NFL level.

  9. He wants starting q.b money. He had opportunities to be a backup and earn the job. He didn't take them, he thought he was prime money…. As a GM, why take that guy? You don't…Kneeling didn't help, but Kap and his agent have stopped him from playing.

  10. Kaep would be straight poison in any locker room, and Shannon knows it. SJW's control the ESPN narrative now, so they have to support Kaep. Dude made his bed, let him lie in it already.

  11. Freddie Gray , philando Castile ,Terence Crutcher ,Alton Sterling, Sam Dubose, Jamar Clark Jeremy mcdole, William Chapman ,Walter Scott, Eric Harris, Tamar rice ,Akai Gurley, Michael Brown ,Eric Garner,BMV, just to name a few


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