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Tate Martell 2018 Ohio State Highlights


Highlights of Ohio State backup quarterback Tate Martell during the 2018-2019 season


  1. Let's see, what is the record of OSU's back up quarterbacks. It seems Barret did pretty good, Cardale Jones won a National Championship and Haskins went 13 and 1 in his first complete season. Do not down play the skills of back ups at OSU.

  2. That stinks that he won’t start again for 3rd year when osu told him only one year of not starting but some guy named Haskins started and was amazing I think Tate should transfer or change position

  3. Tate should hang in there, even if he gets beat out he will still have a chance to play and will a favorite for following year. Fields will be 1 and done like Haskins. Tate is athletic and versatile. We have an abundance of riches. I like Day as well.

  4. I was as excited about Martell as any other player that came out of his high school class but with that said, I'm underwhelmed by what I've seen from him so far compared to what he was billed as. I remember all of the talk being about how he could do for Ohio State what Johnny Manziel did for TA&M however in reality Martell isn't as elusive and doesn't have nearly as strong of an arm as Manziel did in college. I have strong concerns about whether Martell's arm is strong enough to get by even at the D1 college level in a Power 5 conference; maybe in the Big 12 or Pac 12, but anywhere else and I think he's going to have real problems. As an Ohio State fan, we'd better hope that Fields is immediately eligible because even considering the added dimension in the running game that Martell would add as a starter, I don't think he has the ability as a thrower to consistently keep defenses honest or move the ball through the air.

    There are a few guys who's games Martell reminds me of (Braxton Miller, Manziel, JT Barrett were all guys who used their legs to either gain yards running or buy time to allow plays to develop) but in every comparison I don't see a scenario in which Martell has a chance to develop into as good of a player because of how weak of an arm that Tate has in terms of throwing velocity. IMO he'd have been better off at either of the two other schools he was considering, TA&M or Oregon.

  5. Listen message board, don't try to make this into something, because it isn't. Justin Fields is the man. This stuff Tate Martell is doing in this highlight reel is against teams they've already blown out and the opposing school has already mailed it in and quit, so I'm not impressed with these highlights against scrubs.


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