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The Cult of Hockey: Oilers turtle against Blackhawks



  1. Yet another epic failure and embarrassment from the boys. One might think they would one fine day, actually learn from these now 'multitudes' of Deja vu 3rd period utter collapses. So many players on this roster show much improvement and flashes one game (Khaira…Kassian… Brodziak…Puj…Rattie…Reider…Talbot…Koskinen…and who can forget ol' liability Lucic…I am possibly missing anyone?? lol) then consistently go awol for 5-10…errr..20 games. Never seen anything like this in my many years watching this underachieving team and some horrible, and far less skilled or competitive Oiler teams. Let alone any NHL team the last 30 years outside of the of the shameful, pathetic, laughing stock 1980's laughs, Penguins, Capitals, Casucks, Devils, North Stars, Rangers, Whalers…who just knew they weren't good enough and failed to show up on a nightly basis for many, many years. Now I and all long-time rabid Oilers fans know exactly how those teams fans felt for so long. It reeeally sucks and I'm with you Brucey, David…want to cry like a little school girl right about now…hahahaha
    Totally loved the guy as a player, coach, GM for a time, but now no doubt in my mind, with this once again emerging pattern and pervasiveness of offensively inept players, the gluttony of grinders/checkers in the system and on this team, are a product of MacT's maniacal insistence on only judging young players defensive abilities, no matter how offensively talented they really were or are, and how many in this and preceding management and scouting staff(s) have been utterly blind to this obtuse thinking and approach to drafting and player development. Case and point…Leon Draisaitl. He was MacT's choice and a damn amazing one, although anyone needs to do is look how hard he was on Leon for his first few years sending him down to Rockets to dominate and get pissed off enough to work to get back to NHL. He was a 'one in a million.'

    Unfortunately, the majority of this team's (very sparse) skilled, smart hockey IQ draft picks, very few solid blue-chip prospects, and the few present roster players return is now blatant evidence, I and many are/have been right about Mac T's influence on these decisions, and quite frankly has delved them down to this 'pit of hell' now. In addition to chia pimps utter stupidity and oblivious decisions obviously.

    Pleeease boys…we're all begging you to talk, work together and find your way out of this mess for all your sake and ours!!!

    'OIL-TEAR DROPS' of sorrow…lol

  2. I didn't watch the entire game last night. But to hear Rattie miss a chance and immediately be fearful that Hitchcock is gonna blend the lines again, just speaks to the lack of confidence in this coach, by the fans and by the players. Players shouldn't be punished for missing occasional chances unless they're doing it on purpose (which obviously no one would).

    anyways, haven't finished listening to everything yet but I just want to say this podcast has been pretty good to listen to every morning

    omg when you mentioned colten teubert……..

  3. The Strome goal? And Gustavsson play nowadays? That’s Keith and Kane effect. They make others better all the time cause they do wizard things in practice every single day.
    Our old scrapper Bollig. He passed the puck off the boards to himself or something and continued forward to get a goal. His answer in post game interview was: “I see Kane do those kinds of things 100 times every practice. So I thought I’d give it a shot”
    Let them breathe!! Or it will stop being fun.
    I was talking recently about splitting team up. (during the all star break)
    Take each half to separate jr teams to practice. Like Apollo did with Rocky in Rocky III. Let them remember the hunger. Find that edge! Eye of the tiger.

  4. I hope you all can chill. The answer is there already.
    Bouchard and Bear and Jones are gonna make a ton of noise sooner than later.
    McLeod can skate with anyone.
    Oilers gotta force feed Puljujarvi a skating strength coach this summer. When he goes to camp, he’s GOT to have adopted a hit first mentality. If that big mofo developed any meanness to his game? He’d be a monster.
    And Maksimov is trending upward as he finishes his jr career too.
    Once they in Edmonton. Y’all be forgetting about Sekera and his injuries. Strome who? Spooner? What? Brodziak? Never heard of him.
    PC even drafted three solid goalie prospects.
    The answer is there already.

  5. There is a theme of players leaving the oilers and doing better. I wonder if there is an issue in that dressing that people in know are ignoring ? 4 goals in 2:48 ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️. How in hell does any team allow that⁉️⁉️⁉️. Seriously is this like WWE where this is scripted⁉️. They can't be that brutal.

  6. i officially bought in. the fact that mact is keiths boss and this has been happening for so long i agree clean house from the top down its the only way this team improves. the players the fans and the nhl deserve better. connor should be able to compete hes pretty much universally knows as the best current player and as much as i dont think hes there yet connor leaving is a real possibility


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