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TOP WWE STAR Returns To WWE 2019 Road to WrestleMania wwe royal rumble 2019


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  1. I heard it’s new going to be brand new wrestler from Indy’s his name is Dr.Lamar Braxton Porter he will be big main eventer. Big potentional from FCW wwes former talent developmental territory Dr. Cable Jones. It’s rumored all over internet . Dr Lamar is 6;5 ft 370 pounds very dangerous and a talented in ring worker not sure how WWE will bring him in but there’s been talk mick Foley is pushing WWE to sign him on and potetionally be a WWE champion in future

  2. Lol CM Punk is a loser he comes back big deal WWE sucks he's not going to bring anything back. WWE is dead storyline suck too many women wrestlers they need a big change

  3. I would love 2 see CM Punk back in the WWE feuds with the likes of Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe just 2 name a few would be epic and the WWE can make all that happen and 4 1 night truly crown him "BEST IN THE WORLD" by letting him hold the UNIVERSAL and WWE TITLES at the same time.

  4. I don't believe punk ever coming back. Until he or WWE or AJ Lee actually says something then I'll believe it until then let's all leave it alone because I don't believe he will surprise anyone either by showing up.

  5. Sean I do agree with that the WWE needs CM Punk and I would like to Y2J back but I doubt if he would come back him and Vince , Stephanie & HHH don’t see eye to eye he even told Stephaine what he thought of her before he left the WWE and Vince got mad over it . As for CM Punk the WWE kept screwing him over on title shots and then not having on the show that’s why we won’t see him cause he is still pissed off at the WWE .

    Now you have AJ Styles leaving the WWE with a bunch of others that are going to go join AEW I even heard that impact might be losing wrestlers like Kross , Allie & a few others to AEW wrestlers are getting tired of the bull crap they go threw for example you have Brock Lesnor. Who the WWE paid lot of money to keep when that money could have been spent to train wrestlers and to buy more too but no they wanted Brock Lesnor I wish Brock would’ve trained harder with the Minnesota Vikings he would been better at that then being a wrestlers that WWE has him sitting backstage doing nothing I feel sorry for the guy .

  6. Seanz I dont understand this longtime ago when CM punk left wrestling he took the WWE Worlds Championship Belt with him said he would never come back ,how would Vince McMahon just forget about that ,I mean he just walked out ,I dont understand it Wwe doesn't need him they just need better storylines and better matches for example, remember the scaffold matches back then at wcw they need some badass matches that would bring the ratings sky high ,just my opponent, what you think…

  7. It Has to be CM Punk unless the only other person i can think of is Dave Batista but thats unlikely too but they could be pulling out all the stops Have we ever had Batista Vs. Brock Lesnar i cant recall thanks for keeping it brash

  8. Baron Corbin needs leave WWE – Video package of Lone Wolf Thomas Pestock (Aka Baron Corbin) in AEW
    WWE's lone wolf package from 2016 says end of days in all Elite wrestling Baron Corbin leaves WWE confirmed next week?


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