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What’s WRONG with The MLB – Major League Baseball Problems (RANT)


What is WRONG with The MLB – Major League Baseball Problems (RANT)

I love the sport of baseball and hope more people start to love the game as much as I do. In annual Festivus tradition, it is time to air my grievances and tell you what is wrong with the MLB. What problems do you think Major League Baseball has? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!



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  1. I wish when Muncy hit that home run in the World Series, Matt Vascursion was commentating “ A SWING A DRIIIIIIIIIVEEEEE! THAT ONE IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE THE DODGERS WIN IT!

  2. I live in Korea, and the baseball games are always exciting, and it isn't always because of what's happening on the field. The fans and a lot more involved in the experience of going to a game. The "fan zone" has chants for every player, and nearly every fan in that area, and many fans in the rest of the stadium, memorize the chants. Not to mention bat flips. Bat flips are a thing, and it has nothing to do with upstaging the pitcher. It is for the spectators. One moment that comes to mind for comparison is David Bote's walk-off grand slam. (For the record, I am a Cubs fan.) He had to apologize for flipping his bat. He wasn't even aware of it at the time. He was just stoked that he had a once-in-a-lifetime chance and he delivered. Why shouldn't he be stoked? Baseball needs to bring some of its entertainment factor back and stop being all about money and statistics.

  3. Can we get Gary Cohen to call a national game? Yeah he's got some tilt but he always makes me more excited, you can tell he does his homework on players you wouldn't think he'd know and you could pair him up with Ron Darling and just feel the chemistry.

  4. I'm not against the shift so much because I think I think a change in ideology is what will fix the issue. Why do they teach players to hit over the shift instead of hitting to the opposite field? It bothers me so much especially because that used to be the philosophy for beating a shift. If they have 3 guys on the right side of the field, hit it down the third baseline and you have an easy single or double. It's not that complicated.

  5. 6:20 in the NFL a lot of teams have a guy in the booth telling them to challenge but since the coaches have a headset the guy in the booth can instantly tell him in his ear to challenge it opposed to in baseball where they have to get on the bullpen phone. I think they have to get a better system for it but I'm not sure it needs to be that quick. Also, I think they need to change how replay works because I think the fact that there's 3 guys in Manhattan deciding the calls for 15 games is stupid especially because it seems like sometimes they have technical difficulties with reaching the umps in the MLB office.

  6. I’m fine with Joe buck cause he can get hype at some points but the thing I get annoyed with is whenever there’s a homer it’s allllways “back at the wall, it’s gone” every single time

  7. Why is everyone so quick to leave a game that they willingly bought tickets for? Also, no one is forcing you to stay. You can leave whenever you want. Just because you bought a ticket doesn’t give you the ability or entitlement to change the game. Just go home or don’t buy a ticket

  8. Ok. I don't wanna be racist or anything but the crowds here in America fucking suck. We need fans that get loud for every play/hit/pitch etc. Like in Japan, the Puerto Rico series or the Dominican fans in Miami during the WBC. They get lit.

  9. Limit the amount of pitching changes in an inning. Annoying. I understand the strategy but there has to be a limit.
    Start one hitter with a 1-1 count per inning, pitchers choice. Infielders should occupy the space between the bases, not allowed to cross the base. So it’s still a shift but with limits

  10. I'm 13, and addicted to baseball and the mets with everything in me, to a medical level, but I cant watch any game besides a met game because it's so boring. Being on the field and playing is so much fun but watching is incredibly boring.

  11. I love baseball but this biggest problem to me is scoring. In NFL and NBA scoring means the game is moving and isn't being bogged down. But in baseball, more scoring means the inning last longer which means the game lasts longer. So if you want a quicker game, then the league has to give the pitcher and defense the advantage. That means more strikeouts or defensive plays but that would lead to low scoring games. So baseball is in an awkward position. People want scoring but scoring in baseball means a longer game which fans hate.

    I also think all the arguing calls whether it be players or managers, is ridiculous. Again, it makes the game last longer. Look at the other two major sports do you see coaches and players arguing with the refs for literally 5 minutes? They talk but the game has to continue so they move on. Don't get me started on ejections……

  12. Ultimately these franchises are trying to win a World Series. If you like baseball, you like baseball. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think these organizations care about time spent, they’re more worried about the ring. Simple minded people won’t understand or appreciate what’s going on. If you play the sport then you understand that the time needed to throw a pitch or getting ready to bat is essential. Yes it’s not as publicized as the NBA or NFL but if you’re a true fan of baseball you’re also a fan of how it was played in the past as well. Players like Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Ozzie Smith, Stan Musial etc. It gives us kids past idols to look up to.

  13. The comparison you use between challenges in baseball and football aren't really fair. A coach in the NFL has until the next play starts to challenge the previous play. Even when the opposing team hurries to snap the ball the coach that wants to challenge has at minimum 20 seconds to decide. If that coach wants to review a play when his team is on offense he has a whole 60 seconds before the next play must start. So 30 seconds for a manager isn't the problem, it's the obvious calls on an out at second that take 5 minutes to review.

  14. Players need to be allowed to show emotion and celebrate after a home run or really nice catch. I think a lot of kids find bat flips and celebrations entertaining, two things both nba and nfl allow.

  15. I consider myself a baseball purist, I love the game and I don’t want anything to change. Shifts are apart of the game and if you are a talented baseball player you will figure out a way around it. Specifically if Bryce Harper can’t not hit into a shift then he should just get better. If a pitcher is throwing good pitches he shouldn’t have to tone it down so he can hit it. It comes down to both sides doing all they can to win, no matter what.

  16. I actually agree with the shifts, simply Bc it’s way too much of a gimmick. And if you actually break down the shift. In general, teams actually gives up more runs using the shift vs not using the shift at all.


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