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WWE 100 OMG Moments Of 2004


Hey Guys and what’s up MAH here with a new video
This is WWE 100 OMG Moments Of 2004
So it’s a compilation of all carzy,extreme,Brutal moments of 2004.
And I gotta tell you , 2004 was hell of a year and If you thought 2017 was extreme you haven’t seen nothing from WWE in 2004
sh** was crazy back there and it’s a next level of OMG moments that I personally thought that the majority of those moments were hard to watch and I have seen of crazy sh** in my life and this was up there I m telling you.

Because I like making OMG moments videos , I m going to start a new series where I m going to make an OMG Moments of every WWE year (not quite every year but alot of them) . So this is the start and I hope it’s good enough of a beginning to a great series and hope you guys enjoy it.

From tables to ladder and unprotective chair shots to stiff moves and brutal clothesline , crazy high flyinhg maneuvers and dangerous landings to barbed wire and leap of faiths . This is WWE OMG Moments of 2004

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